" Team: The people behind the work | Haines McGregor



Client Services Partner
The undisputed Queen of the dark arts of marketing and reigning resident yogi. Never without her furry consorts, this regal trio always command the royal treatment.


Creative Partner
A culinary cowboy, who shoots from the hip. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly collide in Will’s kitchen, but his intuition for what works usually prevails.


Design Director
A furious eBay bidder with an eye for a Grand Design. Always on the hunt for that misspelled Missoni bag, our storage hunter never fails to deliver the goods.


Strategy Partner
A Bristolian bookworm and the thread that binds our pages together. He’s always focussed on the next chapter and it’s a guaranteed page-turner.


Founding Partner
A part-time poet, illustrator and great exponent of Winnie the Pooh philosophy, our very own AA. Milne has an eye for the unseen and the imagination to reveal it.


Senior Brand Strategist
With a fierce Northern wit and a passion for cultural shifts, she has a clarity and conviction in her work that even God’s Own County would be chuffed with.


Finance Manager
A true crime fanatic and Leeds United diehard, our finance whizz has a forensic attention to detail that is only matched by her bloodthirsty desire to take the premiership title.


Senior Strategic Designer
Our Venezuelan sculptress and multi-linguist, whose illustrative abilities are living proof that the pen is mightier than the sword.


Senior Brand Strategist
Our resident Kiwi has the All-Black mindset built in, from sweeping the sheds to leading our biggest account, everything is done with calmness, accuracy and serious skill.


Insight Director
A spiritual anthropologist with a thirst for exploration – Sasha lights up even the dullest focus groups with her cosmic energy and bohemian style.


Senior Brand Strategist
Born a stone’s throw from Baker Street, Tash is our Sherlock. Her ability to ask piercingly bright questions and get to the nitty gritty of a brief is unrivalled. Never without her sidekick and new pup, Maisie.


Team Assistant
With a penchant for the paranormal, nothing scares Paris. Her supernatural ability to run the studio like clockwork keeps us safe from hellish horror shows.


Brand Strategist
An intrepid Alpine explorer, equipped with all the gear to take on the biggest of strategic challenges. Whether it’s picking her way up Mont Blanc or grappling with a global re-positioning, Viv’s compass is always fixed on the summit.


Junior Brand Strategist
Our Cotswolds-based drinks whizz is as sharp as they come. He has a knack for creative craft, from shaking up a classic cocktail to distilling a deliciously succinct brand purpose.


Mystic of the Mac and digital sorcerer. This Wacom wizard can be found wandering the Surrey hills, entranced by his eternal quest for real ales and magical taverns.


Design Associate
Festival hippie and podcast queen – Our Glastonbury lifer has mastered every trick in the book to guarantee a perennial plot by the Pyramid Stage.


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