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Experiences are the most valuable currency

Few people know of San Miguel’s rich past: a story of incredible adventure. It inspired us to focus on the experiential side of the brand through our positioning ahead of its 2016 relaunch, targeting those who are captivated by the world far beyond their window.

"HMc were pivotal in helping us look across key San Miguel markets in Europe to uncover a genuine consumer insight which lead to a breakthrough positioning"

Jonathan Stordy CEO Mahou San Miguel

Relaunch Success

Post relaunch, the brand expanded its key export markets, reaching two million hectolitres (believe us, that’s a lot of beer) accounting for 15% of the company’s overall beer volume. By 2018 the extraordinary success of the relaunch meant that San Miguel was vying to become the UK’s no.1 beer brand. San Miguel achieved double digit growth and its highest turnover ever. Let’s drink to a sense of adventure!