" Robinsons Branded Innovation | Haines McGregor

Creating a Punch

We undertook a deep dive into the core motivations for choosing adult soft drinks and found there were white space opportunities around natural goodness and pure pleasure and enjoyment.  With our hybrid team of strategists and creatives working closely alongside Britvic’s Innovation Director, we were able to map out and bring to life a number of distinctive ideas, from briefing to concept development in 6 weeks!  Creating a fun and impactful approach to the innovation process.

"I have worked with Haines McGregor for a number of years. They have done some fantastic work on positioning and innovation across a number of projects. They always manage to bring fresh insight combined with unusually high levels of creativity. The people are very hands on and fun to work with. I would recommend them on any brand projects as a whole."

John Roscoe Innovation Director, Britvic

Refreshing results

As a result of our work, various briefs were developed for Britvic’s portfolio of brands across Europe, including Robinsons and Teisseire, returning the dilutes category to growth (despite the soft drinks industry levy on sugar) by encouraging both new and lapsed squash drinkers back into the category.