Positioning for B2B brands

Author: Jeremy Haines, Creative Partner (jeremy.haines@hainesmcgregor.co.uk)

Business to business companies can be suspicious about the value of brands, sceptical that techniques developed for consumer products can be easily translated into B2B where buying cycles are measured in months and years, not seconds, minutes or hours.

They tend to think of the visible aspects of identity, a look and feel, something to put on the website that can be knocked up by the graphics studio and that its all a bit ‘nice to have’. In fact the opposite is the case. The company brand and its identity is often the most potent and underexploited asset that a company owns.

The role of branding in B2B?

  • At the core of an effective brand is a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs and aspirations and the ability to tap into them in an emotionally compelling way. It is this that binds people to your brand.
  • The right motive direction also has the potential to motivate and act as a beacon for an organisation giving a clear and progressive sense of purpose and improving the likelihood of recruiting the best people.
  • Good brands transcend platforms. Especially today they have the ability to carry the same emotive clout that historically is associated with personal service into an online world.
  • The right brand character and tone of voice, supported by a good story, improves and encourages the right behaviours, essential for service businesses.
  • Finally brands add value to the bottom line because the same values that influence businesses and their people inevitably also influence investors

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