Driving new consumers into the gardening category

Driving New Customers to Gardening

Author: Jeremy Haines – jeremy.haines@hainesmcgregor.co.uk

Gardening is amongst the UK’s favourite pastimes, receives more and more media attention, has spawned a clutch of celebrities, is in consistent growth and has even been described as the new rock and roll, so why for so many, does it remain, not just inaccessible, but positively intimidating?

The reason is that both media and brands are stuck with a framework of thinking that presupposes consumers want to become experts.
If we compare the food market with the gardening market we see a steady flow of new products that make it easier for people to cook. The gardening mindset in to try to make everyone into chefs and by contrast, has seen much less innovation.
Much of the growth in gardening products has come from the sense that the space outside the house is an extension of the space inside; an opportunity to spend time with friends and family or the recognition that this largely underexploited space can be an expression of your own lifestyle or personality. As a result the the sale of garden furniture and leisure accessories has grown much faster than plants.

Success will come from understanding the emotional as well as the rational connection that people feel about their gardens and avoid trying to turn them into experts. Haines McGregor have unparalleled knowledge of the gardening market having worked on transformatory positioning for brands such as Hozelock and William Sinclair using our unique suite of insight tools and models.

Our recent research into consumer typologies and how best to position and represent gardening and lifestyle brands has uncovered many new opportunities.
• Opportunities for growth amongst audiences who don’t consider themselves as gardeners
• Shifts towards lifestyle and the outdoor room for older heavy spending audiences
• How consumers aren’t looking for convenience, they’re looking for engagement
• The difference between status seekers and harmony seekers
• How optimism lies at the heart of many gardening decisions
• The importance of a united display in store
• The importance of simple benefit driven packaging

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