Come dine-in with me: How the growth of amateur master chefs will influence brand strategies in 2017

Come dine-in with me - Brand Strategies

Author: Katie Spencer

With the beginning of the year comes the surge in year-ahead predictions; ‘top trends for 2017’ across fashion, fitness and food have consumed my daily news feed since before 1st January. From bloggers to doctors, I am constantly being reminded of how uncool and untrendy my lifestyle is… Thanks Doc.

But seriously, what can I tell you I’ve learned? That my dress sense from 10 years ago is now perfectly acceptable; that no matter how you wrap it up, we would all like to be just a little bit fitter. And, most apparent – we have never, ever been so obsessed with food – ever.

Gone are the days when taste sensations and superior food experiences were confined to the restaurant space. Instead, this year we’ll see the rise of the amateur master chef – the ingredient-connoisseur, the creative-experimenter and the battle for the ‘hostess with the most-est’. 2017 is about switching ‘nights out eating with friends’ for ‘nights in cooking for friends’.

And as our obsession with food continues to grow, so will our meticulous attention towards the brands we use and how they project onto others. The grocery brands we buy into and commit to take home will be the primary signals to our social circle about ‘who we are’ and ‘who we want to be’.

Take Ciroc, for example; for years the superior product was at the centre of brand communications, until we noticed the rapid growth of the premium spirits market. Today and for the past 10 years, Ciroc has stood for celebratory occasions, stylistic experiences and being the party-starter.  But is that now enough in today’s shifting market?

My prediction is that brands should prepare for a new paradigm to evolve throughout 2017, away from providing the experience, towards enabling the experience. It’s no longer about being the party-starter; it’s now about enabling consumers to host the party at home.

Here at Haines McGregor we’re increasingly working with brands to help them plug the gap between ‘the who I am today’ and ‘the who I want to be’. A big part of this involves understanding the underlying motivators that provoke the trends so heavily featured on our newsfeeds, and then working with brands to develop a proposition or positioning that naturally manifests from that unfulfilled need.

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